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TJC Global, professional translation and interpreting services

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

We offer an extensive global network of professional & experienced multilingual translators, proof-readers and interpreters. We also have academic researchers, specialists and speakers, who are all native speakers of over 180 languages.

Equipped with the broad range of skills which our network provides, TJC Global has been able to deliver a focused and dedicated service to our diverse range of clients for more than 20 years. This is why we have obtained the trust of our clientele and enjoy a reputation of being a global leader in our field.

Translation Services

Looking for a professional translator? We cover areas such as business, legal, technical, financial and medical & pharmaceutical

Interpreting Services

We offer simultaneous & consecutive interpreting for conferences, legal, medical, business & technical areas in over 50 languages

Website Localisation

Go global with your website - we can help you develop a multilingual website suitable for many different regions

Specialist Services

We can support any project which involves another language or culture. For example market research, product development or advertising

Voice-over & Transcription

With our network of professionals we can assist you with subtitling, voice over and dubbing in a wide range of languages

Events & Seminar Services

We can assist you with planning and organising international events or conferences that have a language or cross cultural focus

Consulting & Research Services

We provide cultural consulting training in many languages. We also cover business protocols & research project assistance


Advice on language tools, doing business abroad & country information links. Also, links to free online translations and dictionaries


An Extensive Global Network:

We maintain an extensive global network of experienced translators, proof-readers and professional interpreters for simultaneous, consecutive interpreting for occasions such as international conferences, legal court hearings, scientific or pharmaceutical research related, environmental, and technical and business discussions. In addition to this well established network, we also have researchers, specialists and speakers, who are all native speakers of different languages.

Some of the 180 langauges for which we provide interpreters:

Arabic Interpreting Italian Interpreting
French Interpreting German Interpreting
Chinese Interpreting Japanese Interpreting
Spanish Interpreting Korean Interpreting



For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Interpreting page.

Some of the 180 langauges for which we provide translators:
Arabic Translation Italian Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation
French Translation Korean Translation
German Translation Spanish Translation



For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Translation page.

Areas in which we provide interpreting services include:

Legal courtdepositionsarbitrationslitigations  
MedicalPharmaceutical & Medical Conferences

EngineeringChemicalMarineCivil,  Mechanical
Business Conferences, Business meetings





For more information regarding these services, please visit our main Interpreting Services page. 

Areas in which we provide translation services include:

Legal Translation
Technical Translation for Industry
Engineering Translation 
Environment Global Issues Translation

Business Translation
Financial Translation
Scientific Translation
Government Translation




For more information regarding these services, please visit our main Translation Services page.

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