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International Clinical Trials Magazine

TJC Global has been writing an article for the International Clinical Trials Magazine. The article focuses on the role of translation in clinical trials; why it is needed and how inaccurate translation can be time-consuming, costly, and unethical. To read the article, please click here.

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Articles about Translation and Interpreting

Our 10 Golden Questions for Translators
Email Translation


Articles of interest

Medical and scientific topics

International Crisis In Vaccine Funding
Vaccinology: tackling HIV / AIDS and Malaria
HIV Vaccine Success
Stem Cell Research
Clinical Trials

The Human Genome Project
Resistance in Disease
Swine Flu
Advances in Clinical Pharmacology
Advances in Degenerative Medicine
Latest Science Behind Acupuncture
Blood Testing for Multiple Sclerosis
Alcohol Marketing Ban?
Latest HIV Vaccine Ideas
Robots and Their Future
Assisted Suicide Law
Cervical Cancer Vaccinations
Hybrid Research Ended

Law/legal topics

An Overview of Law
Court Interpreters

Legal Deposition Interpreting
London Litigation Interpreters
Arbitration Interpreters : Shipping Disputes
Legal and Court Interpreters
Reducing Gun Crime


Climate Change and its impact;

Progress Talks at the Cancun Climate Summit
Climate Change Translation Services
Climate Change Interpreting Services
Soil Conservation
Carbon Capture
Climate Change and the Developing World
Rising global emissions look set to undermine climate change targets
Renewable Energy Events Worldwide

Biofuels, Food Security and International Action
EU Invests in African Renewable Energy
Expansion of Renewable Energy Biofuel Use in the Aviation Industry
Sustainable and Ethical Fashion
Renewable Energy Translation Services
Renewable Energy Interpreting Services


Articles about the Arts

Edinburgh Art Festival
Classical Music: The Romantic Movement

Transcription for TV, Radio, Media, News, Broadcasting, Documentaries, Films, Video, DVD, CD and Tapes.

Transcription Services

Articles about IT, the internet, mobile phones, new generation networking and more

The Rise of Cloud Computing
Broadband Internet Access
File Sharing Wars


Events and Seminar Language Services
Multi Lingual Conferences
Interpreting for negotiations


Articles about Sport 

The London Olympics 2012
The Ashes 2009

Facts, figures, languages and dialects

Need some quick information on a country you are going to visit? Please see our Country Profiles worldwide section. We also cover respective countries' economy, business development, climate change, science and technology, egenergy resources, farming and agriculture & future outlook.

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find more information relating to NHS Primary care Trusts, police constabularies, and court (county, magistrate, and crown) services in your region.


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