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Consulting and Research Services

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

Our Cultural Consulting Services

Cultural consulting comprises a wide variety of services useful for municipalities and institutions. The work involves short, but intensive assessment in a community with the goal of working on targeted issues by identifying strengths and challenges. The process can include testing of new ideas and projects, and giving recommendations. Because this type of work covers many areas such as planning for goals and objectives, funding, facilities, personnel, expectations and time schedules, and measurement tools, it requires a long-term relationship with clients.

Possible areas of service include:

Company Training

Cultural awareness and sensitivity is vital to your entry into global business. One challenging issue of working internationally is the development of cultural competency when forming business partnerships with foreign companies. Management styles might clash; what works in your culture might not work in another.

More and more companies turn to cross-cultural training and consulting to assist them in developing effective working relationships with foreign companies. Such training helps businesses to deal with complexities of multicultural personnel, practices and processes. Cross cultural understanding, therefore, can greatly improve your company's productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Our Services

For over 20 years TJC Global has assisted a diverse range of companies, organizations and academic institutions by providing cultural consulting and company training. We also carry out extensive research work in Asia and in Europe, dependant upon the specific regions of our clients' business affairs.

Our Government Services

Governmental agencies and ministries around the world provide and exchange information in many languages. From international agreements, multilateral meetings and conferences to legislative and executive discussions and documents, accurate communication of the nuance of complex topics has always been a crucial part of policy-making.

On the other side of government, social services such as immigration agencies must often conduct meetings and deliver information in hundreds of different languages and dialects. To serve multicultural populations, many public service agencies require multilingual content for their informational literature and forms. On other occasions, interpreting is necessary to enable communication between government service providers and citizens, either on site or by phone.

Some governments are currently reviewing the national infrastructure, which requires extensive research work internally and overseas. We are proactively helping government-assigned researchers in their endeavours.

What we offer

TJC Global has worked extensively with governmental agencies and is familiar with proceedings both at national and local level. Our network of qualified and experienced linguists includes specialists in over 180 languages and dialects, with experience in various types and scales of projects relevant to government and policy related tasks. They are happy to comply with all required security and background checks.

We have been assisting many governmental policy units in current initiatives. This involves collating documentary and spoken evidence, as well as interview transcription and the drafting and rewriting of official correspondence.

Our services include but are not limited to:

We can also tailor our service to special or unusual client requests.

Our Local Market Participation Support and Evaluation Services

Many countries import a significant number of products in a variety of categories. To see if you can profit from delivering your product to the local market, we can help you by coordinating market research through interviews and focus groups. We can also draw on the substantial body of experience we have accumulated over more than 20 years. Through fusing our  well-developed understanding of local customers' requirements with rigorous analytical research, we are in a prime position to advise you on viability and feasibility.

We work closely with national and local level specialists, and can help you achieve local market customization by providing ongoing support and evaluation.

We can help you in the following areas:


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