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Articles and Resources

Conference Information

If you are unsure as to what type of interpreter you require for your conference, please see our International Conference Interpreters page.


We have a variety of resources and articles for anything from planning a multilingual conference, to green technology. Please see our Articles page for more information.

Country Profiles

Need to swot up on the statistics for the country you are visiting? Wondering what food you are likely to eat? Whether you need to take an umbrella? What cultural events you may be expected to attend? Our country profiles pages can provide you with this information.

Perhaps instead you wish to find out what a country's plans for tackling environmental issues are, or the future of its industries. All this information and more may be found in our
Country Profiles section.

For more information, please
contact us

UK County Profiles & Local Information

Perhaps you are not travelling so far and need to find out about the county you are planning to visit - what are the major towns, what are the main tourist attractions, or even information such as police and hospital services. Please visit our UK County Profiles page to find out more.

Hot Topics and News Items

For more information on hot topics such as global warming, next-generation networking and more, please see our Hot Topics page.

At TJC Global, we like to keep abreast of new developments in science, in tackling climate change, in global poiltics, and other such important international topics. To keep up with the latest information, please see our Latest News page.

Translators and Interpreters in the UK

Cross-Cultural Communication Coaching

We also provide coaching sessions to enhance your ability to communicate with you business partners in both professional and social settings. For more information, please contact us.

Other useful links

Free Online Translator in Multiple Languages
Online Dictionaries, Thesauri & Encyclopedias
Jim Breen's Dictionary

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