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TJC Global offers a comprehensive set of translation services to enable you to stay competitive in the global market. As a translation and interpreting agency with over twenty five years' experience, TJC offers highly qualified and experienced professional translators specialising in Technical, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Legal, Business Services translation, as well as many more specialist fields such as Renewable Energy Global Issues and Life Sciences, who can assist your business with whatever interpreting services you may require.

We are happy to tailor our service to our clients’ individual needs.

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We are happy to tailor our service to our clients’ individual needs.

+Agriculture+Applied Science+Business
+Computer Systems+Conference+Construction
+Environment+Finance+Government And Public Services
+Industry+Legal+Life Science
+Medical And Medical Science+Non-Profit Organisations / NPO+Renewable Energy
+Research+Retail / Consumer Sector+Technical
+TV News And Media


Examples of our translation services include:

Engineering TranslationAutomotive, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Marine, Mechanical and more

With over twenty five years' experience, TJC Global is a world leader in providing engineering translation services for many highly specialized and scientific industries. Our professional translators can offer technical document translation to cover all the needs of these industries.

Legal Translation - Arbitrations, Contracts, Courts, Depositions, Intellectual Property and more

Clarity of law is vitally important, since all parties must fully understand the complex language of legislation and how it might affect the individual. When legal processes are made even more difficult by language barriers, translation might be required. Here TJC Global can provide expert translators who can handle the correspondence and communications inherent to all types of law, from property, contract and tort law to equity and trusts, constitutional and family matters.

Medical TranslationPharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Tropical Medicine and more

Medical translations are highly specialized areas; instructions, dosages and procedures must be conveyed accurately, and medical terminology must be fully understood. TJC Global has a network of translators often holding a degree or certificate in the medical sciences, as well as being native speakers in at least two languages. This means we can provide a bespoke medical document translation service of unparalleled quality, covering research, histories and records.

Some of the 180 languages for which we provide translators;

Arabic Translation Italian Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation
French Translation Korean Translation
German Translation Spanish Translation

For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Translation page.

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