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Depositions Translation Services

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Professional and Qualified Deposition Translation Services

Legal Deposition translation services are a key part of TJC Global's expert legal translation services, with over twenty-five years experience of providing translation services for depositions.

With our vast network of legal translation specialists, we can offer excellent bespoke services for any aspect of deposition translation. Legal Depositions or Examinations Before Trial (EBTs) are usually held before the beginning of the trial, and are recorded testimonies given by a witness (or deponent) answering questions about the future trial. Recently, the number of  non-English speaking witnesses has increased rapidly, which means translators are in much demand for this vital part of the legal process, for example translating written depositions and transcripts, witness reports and testimonies.

Given the vital importance of depositions, translators used in depositions must be experienced, professional and adhere to judicial protocol; the actions of the translators often decide the outcome of the trial. TJC can guarantee to offer these services.

Our depositions translation service covers areas such as the following:

Translation of Written Depositions Written Witness Reports Examination for Discovery
Criminal Procedures Real time interpretation Attorneys and Litigation Support
Examination Before Trial (EBT) Video Depositions Stenographic Records & transcripts
Testimonies Civil Procedure  

For more information about Legal Depositions, please visit our blog entry on the role of Deposition Interpreters

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TJC Global can provide excellent applied language solutions in the form of deposition interpreters and translators, in over 180 languages including English to French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and Russian. With over twenty-five years of experience working within the translation and interpretation industry, we have established ourselves as a world leader in legal translation services, with a large and diverse network of expert translators. As such, we can provide legal translation from only the best qualified translators, who not only have a native-level understanding of the relevant languages required by our ever-expanding global clientele, but also years of experience of the industry specific terminology and protocols of depositions. With our tailored translation service, we can provide clients with legal deposition translations of unparalleled fluency and faithfulness.

If you need interpreting services rather than translation services, please see our Interpreting services.

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Some of the 180 languages for which we provide translators:

Arabic Translation Italian Translation
Chinese Translation Japanese Translation
French Translation Korean Translation
German Translation Spanish Translation

For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Translation page.

Some of the 180 languages for which we provide interpreters:

Arabic Interpreting Italian Interpreting
French Interpreting German Interpreting
Spanish Interpreting Korean Interpreting
Chinese Interpreting Japanese Interpreting

For other languages, please visit our Multiple Language Services Interpreting page.

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