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Nuclear Engineering Translation Services

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Our Technical and specialist Nuclear Engineering Translators

Given the delicate nature of this industry, nuclear engineering requires international cooperation and world-wide development. From power-plants to university lecture halls, individuals liaise to find new solutions and innovations to improve how the world uses nuclear energy. A sub-discilpine of Nuclear Engineering is Bio-Nuclear Engineering. This is the application of the breakdown of atomic nuclei and/or other sub-atomic physics, based on the principles of nuclear physics. It includes, but is not limited to, the interaction and maintenance of nuclear fission systems and components— specifically, nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, and/or nuclear weapons.

A hot topic in Nuclear Engineering currently is Nuclear Fission. In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, nuclear fission is a nuclear reaction in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts, often producing free neutrons and lighter nuclei, which may eventually produce photons.  Nuclear fission produces energy for nuclear power and to drive the explosion of nuclear weapons.  Nuclear Fission has become an enormous global issue, requiring international communication and development.

Video conferences, diplomatic meetings and research conventions all require top-quality translating and interpreting services. TJC Global has an experienced an highly-skilled team to deal with whatever linguistic issue arises.

We can cover areas such as:

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Physics

Advanced Reactor / Nuclear Weapon Design

Nuclear Fusion & Plasma Physics

Tokamak / ITER

National Ignition Facility / NIF

Stockpile Stewardship Initiative

Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Fuel / Power Generation

Computer Programming


Thermal Hydaulics


Radiation Oncology


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TJC Global has a large and diverse network of translators and interpreters with experience in nuclear engineering services, as well as a long established reputation and over twenty years of experience in translation and interpreting services. This allows us to selectively source highly skilled Translators who may also have a background or qualification in nuclear engineering services. TJC can provide a tailored service, with accurate and precise Translation, an understanding of industry-specific terminology, and general knowledge of nuclear engineering procedures. TJC is committed to supplying clients with exact Translation services based on their experience and professionalism.

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