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TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

Voice-Over, Transcription & Translation Services

At TJC Global, we understand the importance of localising your message or product, and that the key to achieving this goal is effective communication in advertising. To make your message or product available to a global audience, high-quality, accurate translation and interpreting services are vitally important. We can also provide  transcription and voice-over for the translation of films, television programs, interviews and documentaries.

TJC offers a variety of voice-over, dubbing and subtitling services. We provide this service for a variety of media, such as:

TJC offers audio transcription + translation services in a wide range of languages. Our linguists have experience in transcribing from a variety of sources, and have background knowledge in a large number of specialist fields, allowing us to provide an audio transcription service which perfectly suits your specific needs.

TJC offers a complete service; we transcribe the original audio source, translate it into the target language, and record the final product. TJC understands that a literal translation of a voice-over would not, in many cases, capture the precise meaning and nuance of the original words. Our skilled voice-over specialists have experience in translating material to the fullest effect, preserving the message of the source material in the final product.

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Below is a list of the fields that we can cover. Please CLICK  +  to view all the covered areas of each field, then click the link to read more.

+Applied Science+Business+Computer Systems
+Government And Public Services+Industry+Legal
+Life Science+Medical And Medical Science+Non-Profit Organisations / NPO
+Renewable Energy+Research+Retail / Consumer Sector
+Technical+Transportation / Logistics+TV News And Media

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