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Architecture & Design: Voice-Over & Transcription Services

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Our Technical and specialist Architectural & Design Related Voice-Over & Transcription Services - Global Service

Architecture is a global industry, involving the design and construction of buildings in many types of urban and rural environments around the world. Materials relating to archictecture tend to be technical and industry-specific, in areas as diverse as surveying, engineering, project management, and urban design/redevelopment. TJC have the expertise and capability to offer translation services in many of these areas.

We cover areas such as:

Architectural Engineering


Landscape Design

Sustainable Development

Construction & Project Management

Urban Design & Redevelopment


Interior Design & Publications / Magazines



Zero Energy Buildings

Copyright In Architecture

Building Regulations & Building Codes

Materials & Supply

Architectural History

TJC Global has a large and diverse network of translators and interpreters with experience in architecture and design services, as well as a long established reputation and over twenty years of experience in translation and interpreting services . This allows us to selectively source highly skilled Interpreters who may also have a background or qualification in architecture and design services. TJC can provide a tailored service, with accurate and precise Voice-Over & Transcription, an understanding of industry-specific terminology, and general knowledge of architectural and design practices. TJC is committed to supplying clients with exact Voice-Over & Transcription services based on their experience and professionalism.

If you think you require Interpreting rather than Voice-Over & Transcription, please see our Interpreting Services.

Our global service:

We can offer translation and interpreting services at any time of the year, in many locations: London, England, UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales), Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other global locations.Please contact usfor more information.

Other services:

Interpreting Services
Transcription & Voice Over
Website Localisation

Related services:

Real Estate
Urban Planning

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