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Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. It includes biomass, the biological material used as a biofuel, as well as the social, economic, scientific and technical fields associated with using biological sources for energy. With the energy constraints facing our world today, bioenergy has beomce on of the most important global issues. Energy produced from biomass is clean,energy efficient and seen as a viable replacement for traditional fuels.

The biofuel industry is slowly emerging as one of the growth economies in a climate of vastly increasing oil prices, energy security, dwindling fossil-fuels and concern over carbon emissions and their contribution to climate change. Biofuels are a range of fuels which are cleaner than traditional fuel products and are derived from biomass (solid biomass, liquid fuels, biogases). There are two major types of biofuels - bioethanol and biodiesel. Bioethanol is an alcohol created by fermenting sugar components in plant materials. It can be used as fuel for vehicles in a pure form or can be added to gasoline to improve car emissions. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils, animal fats and recycled greases and is also used to power vehicles

Because this is a global issue that requires the communication and cooperation of many different countries, sometimes language barriers can arise, making progress difficult.

We cover areas such as:

Transesterfication Analysis

Alkyl Usage and Production

Bio-Fuel Management

Bio-diesel Management

Food Conservation

Energy Act of 2008

Bio-Diesel Economy

Renewable Energy Resources

Bio Mass Resources

Carbon Cycles Analysis

Bio-Tech Industry



Methane Resource Analysis

Ethanol Resource Analysis

Greenhouse Emissions Issues

Resource Management  

Over the past 25 years, TJC Global has created an extensive network of expert Interpreters to fit our customers' needs. Here at TJC Global we understand the barriers that can arise due to language difficulties and we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to eliminate these barriers. Many of TJC Global's Interpreters are specialists in particular fields, enabling us to select the best linguist to provide you with accurate translations, regardless of the detail and level of technical, industry-specific terminology. All our Interpreters are native speakers, and consequently are familiar with the idioms of their mother tongue, ensuring that translations are fluent and no misunderstandings occur.

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We can offer translation and interpreting services at any time of the year, in many locations: London, England, UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales), Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other global locations.

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