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International Conference Interpreters

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985
Our Specialist Conference Voice-Over & Transcription Services

TJC Global provides conference interpreters (and translators) in more than 180 languages and dialects worldwide.
Types of interpreting that we can provide:

Simultaneous Interpreting / interpretation:

This is often used for situations such as international conferences, critical business discussions or negotiations, seminars and court hearings. Simultaneous interpreting involves the interpreter translating to the client in real-time.

Consecutive Interpreting / interpretation:

This style is used for many circumstances such as business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, legal, technical or engineering discussions and medical or court hearings. An interpreter listens to what a speaker says, while often making notes, then conveys the meaning into the target language. This type of service is the most popular among our clients.

Facilitating Interpreting / interpretation:

Our interpreters will assist clients in numerous ways. As an example, when clients have conversational English but want to be very precise in certain points, or perhaps when involved in lengthy discussions and the client becomes mentally fatigued, the Interpreter is able to facilitate more effective communication. In the case of Chinese clients who speak English with some proficiency but still require some reassurance, we suggest our Facilitating interpreter interacts on behalf of the attendees to ensure they receive the full facts for later digestion.

Telephone Interpreting:

This is a method of simultaneous interpreting for when there is no booth equipment or microphone set and with a few people who do not speak a particular language. The interpreter will sit behind or sometimes next to the client to translate for them.We have found this is effective when you are very busy and cannot travel to your counterpart’s country, but want to find a method of expediting affairs. If video conference interpreting is required, this will take place at the client’s premises.

Whispering Interpreting:

TJC is happy to undertake work in any field, as its chief aim is to make all its clients confident that they can come back and receive the same high-quality services. We have the ability to adapt to almost any type of project, from medium-term to long-term corporate venture, to first-time contact with a company, whereby we all explore the unknown and discover new grounds.

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