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Genetics and Genetic Engineering: Professional Voice-Over & Transcription Services

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Our Genetic Science Related Voice-Over & Transcription Services

Genetics is one of the most rapidly advancing fields of biomedical research, with hugely widespread applications, from the genetics of cardiovascular disease to the development of nanotechnology to aid gene localisation. It is vital that research units can collaborate with other international units to share developments and information, and that any results can be published for the scrutiny of the global scientific community.

Genetic engineering as a field is also known by the terms 'recombinant DNA technology', 'genetic modification/manipulation (GM)', and 'gene splicing' but they all share the same definition, namely the direct manipulation of an organism's genes. Genetic engineering is qualitatively different from traditional breeding and artificial cloning as it uses direct techniques of 'molecular cloning' and 'transformation' which change both the structure of an organism and its DNA characteristics. Genetic engineering is still a controversial field but has been used to varying degrees of success: in medicine, with the creation of synthetic human insulin; and agriculture, with modified crops. It may provide the key to future solutions for world food shortages and the curing of diseases. TJC Global can provide linguistic experts who are highly skilled and experienced in genetic engineering services and can provide interpreting and translation which helps raise public awareness and aid research.They understand technical terminology, procedures and complicated concepts related to this area and often have a background or qualification suited to the industry.

We can cover areas such as:

Reports and Papers


Molecular Research

Symposiums and Conferences

Medical Genetics


Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Epidemiological Studies

Genetics of Disease

Regulations and Protocols

Population Genetics


DNA Sequencing and PCR


Gene Mapping


Stem Cell Research

Behavioural Genetics

At TJC Global, we have over twenty years of experience in and therefore have established a large network of Interpreters in specialist fields. This means that we can provide you with a Interpreter who has a knowledge of specific procedures and technical language, ensuring that there are no mistakes and that all Voice-Over & Transcription is accurate and efficient. As native speakers of their languages, our Interpreters will produce fluent Voice-Over & Transcription with preservation of meaning to make sure that there are no ambiguities.

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We can offer translation and interpreting services at any time of the year, in many locations: London, England, UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales), Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other global locations. Please contact us for more information.


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