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Our Technical and specialist Plant Science Related Voice-Over & Transcription Services - Global Service

Plant science, otherwise known as botany, phytology, or plant biology, is the branch of science concerned with the scientific study of plant life (plants, algae and fungi). There are many components to plant science related to different parts of plant life study, and these include the structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases, chemical properties, and evolutionary taxonomies of specimens. It is one of the oldest scientific disciplines currently being studied and botanists have identified over half a milion organisms. TJC Global can provide linguistic experts who are highly skilled and experienced in plant science-related services and can provide interpreting and translation services which can enhance research and development.They understand technical terminology, procedures and complicated concepts related to this area and often have a background or qualification suited to the industry.

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Plant genetics

TJC Global has a large and diverse network of translators and interpreters with experience in life sciences services, as well as a long established reputation and over twenty years of experience in translation and interpreting services. This allows us to selectively source highly skilled who may also have a background or qualification in life sciences services. TJC can provide a tailored service, with accurate and precise Translation, an understanding of industry-specific terminology, and general knowledge of the life sciences. TJC is committed to supplying clients with exact Translation services based on their experience and professionalism.

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