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Website Localisation Services

TJC Global Translation & Interpreting Services since 1985

When adapting a website for viewing in other countries or cultures, a straight word-for-word translation will not suffice. Localisation of a website requires that the content of the original website is translated in a culturally appropriate manner. This means taking into account not only subtle differences in the language and dialect of the text, but also ensuring that the website’s content – such as images and colour schemes – are adapted for the culture in which the website will be viewed.

Important localisation issues include:

Our Translators

Our translators are familiar with these concerns, and draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure full localisation of your webpage. Although our translators do not employ a literal word-for-word translation, they do ensure an accurate translation of the source text, with the original intention and message of the website preserved. Through our extensive experience in translating and interpreting in a variety of languages, industries and specialist areas, we take all aspects into consideration when incorporating the necessary changes to make your website’s message fully localised.

We are happy to tailor our service to our clients’ individual needs.

For more information, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

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